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Chris Harris's Panorama Page

I love the fact that cameras these days can do things like take immersive, three hundred and sixty degree images of wherever you happen to be. As a kid I would have found this sort of thing to be almost magical. Yet nowadays, it's no big deal.
Last update: October 2015

This is very much a test page - for a technology that's become out of date - so it's unlikely to be updated any more. Sorry about that.

The technology has largely been superceded by YouTube and other websites, but for a while at least, just about the coolest thing I could do with my computer was to stitch together a panoramamic view of somewhere I'd been. And I did it using software that was being given away on the CDs that came with computer magazines.

Of course, the resulting files could be pretty big - some of the ones I made came in at over 4Mb - so they're a bit large to put on this website. But here is a taste of what I used to do.

The file above weighs in at just 211 Kb and it's the reason this page exists: I made it just to prove to myself that it is possible to embed QuickTime panoramas in web pages. It's a panorama of the 2003 South Cotswold Beer Festival and it took me far longer to figure out how to embed the image properly than I spent at the festival! I finally got it to display thanks to a very helpful page on Apple's site that has long since disappeared, but which explained the whole thing. My problems at the time were all down to ActiveX - at the time I needed to allow ActiveX commands to run if I wanted to see the panorama. Now it all seems to happen seamlessly.

The example below is a bit bigger, at 905 kb. I shot it in the mountains above Chatel, in Switzerland.

And I still think this stuff is cool.