Not Quite Done Yet

Chris Harris's Blog Archive: The Graphics

Every month since August 2003, the blog has sported a different graphic at the top of the page. I soon got into the habit of drawing and scanning a new image each month, but then I progressed to the point where I was filling entire pages of sketch pads with ideas. And I even ended up creating a spreadsheet to keep track of the things to make sure I don't repeat myself, which is totally a normal thing to do, right?

The subject matter has always been a mixture of dreadful puns mixed with allusions to movies I've enjoyed, references to other aspects of popular culture, cod-philosophical meanderings, and obscure jokes that I seriously doubt anyone else will get. You can see them all on this page, with the newest at the top. Just to confuse matters, June 2004 had two banners, one of which was used for a single day to celebrate the Blog's first birthday.

Click on each image to go to that month's archived blog. If your browser supports the feature, holding your mouse over the image should reveal alt text showing the month when that banner was used.

Predictable Blog
Foolish Blog
Solar Powered Blog
Shut-In Blog
High Definition Blog
Blinking Blog
Harvest Blog
High Speed Blog
Blog Pollution
Drop Down Blog
Musical Blog
The Blog At Twenty
Not My Blog
High Fibre Blog
Blog of Britain
Invisible Blog
Blackout Blog
Trickle Down Blog
Wobbly Blog
Crisis Blog
Blog and Brush-Up
Get You Blog
This Much Blog
Smoothly Blogged
Blog. Oh yes.
Please Like This Blog
More of that Pointless Blog Stuff
Finest Artisanal Blog
A Veritable Blog
Blogging Free
Five o'clock Blog
One of my longer blog headers
Still Just a Blog
The Weirder Sort of Blog
Wilful Blog
Blogged into Touch
Blog and Learn
Blurred Blog
Shaky Blog
Apocalypse Blog
Wee Sleekit Blog
Blog Star
Hand-Crafted Blog
Implausible Blog
Tremulous Blog
It's Definitely A Blog
Full-on Blog
Blog Much?
Dense blog
Continuing the blog tradition
My favourite blog
Some you win, some you blog
Blog x 200
Light on content, heavy on blog
Los Angeles, November 2019
Same Old Blog
It's Some Sort of Blog Thing
Still Just A Blog
Bonkers Blog
Some Like to Blog
Plausible Blog
Woefully Unmonetised Blog
Blog The Music
Healthy Nutritious Blog
Guaranteed Blog
Tremendously Blogged
Very Blog. Much Write.
Any Old Blog
In the Heat of the Blog
It's Definitely a Blog
Blog Anxiety
I've seen this sort of Blog before
Blog Like It's Back In Fashion
Blog Forecast
The Blog That Time Forgot
No Blog Til Hammersmith
Even More Blog
Blog Shake
Tiny Blog
Blog 2
Spirit of Blogging
Blogger at the Gates of Dawn
Metaphorical Blog
The Persistence of Blog
Unrelenting Blog
That's Blog
More Blog Than Expected
The blog's afoot
This Blog Goes to Eleven
Mystery Blog
Rich Roasted Blog
A Fresh Blog
Redacted Blog
Not so much a blog, more a way of life
The Code of Blog
Let the Blogging Continue
Glorious Blog
Grumpy Old Blog
150 months of blogging
Blog du Jour
Mildly Irritated Blog
Blog City
A Blog of Melancholy
Blog. Because Internet
Well, That's Going In The Blog
I'm Blogging This
They Might Be Blog
Retro Blog
Yet Another Blog Banner
Blogged For Your Protection
That Looks Awfully Like a Blog to Me
Sort of Bloggy
Blog Harderer
Blog Hard
Overcaffeinated Blog
Escape Blog
Toujours Blog
Booster Blog
The Nearly Blog
A Kind of Blog
A Further Blog
Blinged-up Blog
Blogs On Stun
Blog the Light Fantastic
Blogged Around The Bend
Still Blogging After All These Years
Automatic Blogging
A Blog and Two Noughts
Blogness Abounds
Tenacious Blog
The Blog has been Drinking
Blog To The Edge
Save The Blog
Down With Blog
Joint European Blog
One blog over the line
Memories - You're blogging about memories
Waiting for the Blog
This Blog Will Start Downloading Shortly
Bijou Blog
Leap Blog
Press Start to Blog
Please Wait While We Blog This
Blog and Booster
That's No Way to Blog
Blog Club
That Blog Thing I Do
My so-called blog
Now blog and freak out
Keep Calm and Blog
Carry On Blogging
Blogged up to here
The Blog at the end of the street
Yule blog
The Day the Blog Stood Still
Blog it real good
Half Century Blog
Bloglike tendencies
A bit more blog
That's Mr Blog to You
Blog Jam
My God, It's Full Of Blog
The Blog in Winter
Oblique Blog
The Blogger Who Fell To Earth
The Blog that Wouldn't Die
The Blog Remains The Same
Time and a Blog
Blogosphere then Left a bit
Blogging away merrily
Blog the Planet
For blog's sake
Blog ++
Biodegradable blog
Generic blog
Standard Blog Header
Value Added Blog
Blog it like never before
Mysterious Blog
Blog Light
Vanilla Blog
Have you seen this blog?
One blog at a time
Got blog?
Elementary blog
Another fine blog
Son of Blog
Captain's Blog
Let's Blog!
The Blog Rides Out
Gimme Some Blog, Baby
Chapter House Blog
God Emperor of Blog
Let's blog like we did last summer
Blog forth and multiply
More Blog Than Human
Blog Sans Frontieres
Blogged and Confused
From Blog to Eternity
Shadows and Blog
For those about to blog
For a few bloggers more
A fistful of bloggers
Blog 'til you drop
Born To Blog
The Blog on the Corner
Sixty Blogs Per Minute
Blogged Again
Blogness Personified
Switched on, blogged out
Blog Rides Again
Let's Blog and Roll
Blog equals MC squared
Deep fried blog; extra crispy
Blogging it up bigtime
Where no one has blogged before
Once more unto the blog
Not of this blog
Humorous blog-type reference
Look out he's got a blog
'scuse me while I blog this guy
Ain't no cure for the summertime blog
Humanity, Thy Name Is Blog
Anniversary Blog
Wearing a blogged expression
You want fries with that Blog?
Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, Baked Beans, Blog
Attack of the 50 ft Blog
It's a Blog.  Fetch an axe
The Return of the Blog
The blog from Planet 10
Hail to the Blog, Baby
Blog: The Next Generation
The Blog